Google Swiffyがversion 5.3にアップデートされ、AS3ほか大量アップデート(リリースノート長い!)

Google Swiffyがversion 5.3になり、AS3ほか大量アップデートされました。

Google Swiffy


September 30, 2013 (version 5.3.0)

  • Added support for Add, Darken, Difference, Lighten, Multiply, Screen and Subtract blend modes.
  • Added support for AS2 drag and drop.
  • Added support for AS2 EditText.filters.
  • Added support for AS2 Object.hasOwnProperty.
  • Added support for AS2 ConvolutionFilter and GlowFilter.
  • Added support for AS2 flash.geom.Matrix, flash.geom.Point and flash.geom.Rectangle.
  • Added write support for AS2 Text variables which now respect changes to text or htmlText values.
  • Added support for TextField parameters in AS2 MovieClip.setMask.
  • Added support for AS3 Bitmap and BitmapData.
  • Added experimental support for AS3 ExternalInterface in directly embedded conversions.
  • Added support for AS3 Object.setPropertyIsEnumerable.
  • Added support for AS3 MouseEvents DOUBLE_CLICK, MOUSE_MOVE, MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT.
  • Added support for AS3 InteractiveObject.mouseEnabled and InteractiveObject.doubleClickEnabled.
  • Added support for AS3 DisplayObject.mouseChildren.
  • Added support for AS3 TextField.defaultTextFormat, TextField.embedFonts, TextField.getLineText, TextField.numLines, TextField.autoSize, TextField.wordWrap, TextField.multiline.
  • Added support for AS3 MovieClip.currentFrame, MovieClip.totalFrame and framesLoaded.
  • Added support for “@attribute” style string parameters in AS3 XML methods.
  • Added basic support for nested AS3 LoaderInfo objects with support for loader, loaderURL and url properties.
  • Added support for constructing AS3 EventDispatcher objects with a delegate.
  • Added support for AS2 and AS3 Array.sortOn.
  • Added support for reading display object filters in AS2 and AS3.
  • Added support for TextFormat letterSpacing, leading, rightMargin, leftMargin, underline and kerning in AS2, AS3 and tags.
  • Added support for indirect font names _sans, _serif and _typewriter.
  • Added support for paths with differing line end caps.
  • Added support for the PLACEOBJECT3 tag’s Visible and PlaceFlagHasCacheAsBitmap fields.
  • Added support for PLACEOBJECT tags directly referencing DEFINEBITS* tags.
  • Added support for the DEFINESCALINGGRID tag.
  • Added support for AVM2 CALLPROPLEX bytecode instruction.
  • Added stage.setBackground allowing the background color to be overriden on a conversion.
  • Improved filter rendering and AS2 scripting support.
  • Improved dynamic clipping paths in IE9.
  • Fixed handling of collisions between AS2 properties and display object variables.
  • Fixed execution of frame actions when jumping to positions past the final frame.
  • Fixed offsets values and inheritance of AS2 ColorMatrixFilter.
  • Fixed AS3 behavior when a derived class overrides only the getter or setter of a super class accessor.
  • Fixed invocation of AS3 methods via their interface name.
  • Fixed invocation of AS3 global functions when assigned to and called on another object.
  • Fixed AS3 init scripts to only run when first referenced, handle references between DOABC tags and correctly register global functions.
  • Fixed AS3 flash.utils.ByteArray subscript access to return unsigned values.
  • Fixed AS3 ENTER_FRAME to dispatch to all display objects with registered listeners, not just those added to the stage.
  • Fixed AS3 flash.util.Dictionary behavior when using keys with custom toString methods.
  • Fixed bounding box calculations for autosizing text fields.
  • Fixed hit zone calculations for static text including behavioral differences where Advanced Text Rendering is specified.
  • Fixed text alignment issues for SWF versions <= 7.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts present on very thin strokes in Chrome.
  • Fixed dark halos around indexed images with an alpha channel.
  • Fixed rendering of newlines in justified text.
  • Fixed dispatch of mouse events to elements appearing or disappearing under the mouse.
  • Fixed exception caused by gradients with no defined stops.
  • Fixed broken drop shadows in Firefox.
  • Fonts are now always rendered as shapes.


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Edge Animate CC(2.0)が出たので生成ファイルを1.5と比較してみた。

ついに、Edge Animate CC(2.0)がリリースされました。

Edge Animate CC – Coming in June is here! « Adobe Edge Animate Team Blog

Edge Animate 1.5とCCの生成ファイルを比較してみました。


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Google Swiffyがversion 5.2にアップデートされ、AS3や読み込み周りといろいろと更新。

Google Swiffyがversion 5.2にアップデートされ、いろいろと更新されました。

Google Swiffy


June 4, 2013 (version 5.2.0)

  • Added basic convolution filter support.
  • Added support for flash.utils.getDefinitionByName, getQualifiedClassName and getQualifiedSuperclassName.
  • Added support for XML.send, XML.sendAndLoad, LoadVars.send and LoadVars.sendAndLoad.
  • Added support for TextFormat.size.
  • Added support for TextField.setNewTextFormat and TextField.getNewTextFormat.
  • Added programatic support for most filters.
  • Added support for flash.display.Shape.
  • Added initial graphics support for AS3.
  • Added support for AS3 Vector.
  • Added support for DefineEditText.autoSize.
  • Added basic support for flash.utils.ByteArray.
  • Added support for
  • Added support for and
  • Added support for TextField.multiline, TextField.wrapWord, TextField.textHeight and TextField.textWidth.
  • Improved AS2 and AS3 URI encoding and decoding support.
  • Improved external resources support.
  • Improved warning detection on ActionScript3.
  • Improved ActionScript3 type system support.
  • Improved filter quality.
  • Improved flashVars handling.
  • Improved XML parsing and ActionScript support.
  • Fixed AS3 construction order.
  • Fixed valueOf for AS2 MovieClips.
  • Fixed issues with the is/as operators.

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Google Swiffyがversion 5.1にアップデートされ、外部リソースのロードを(実験的に)サポート

Google Swiffyがversion 5.1にアップデートされ、外部リソースのロードを(実験的に)サポートされました。

Google Swiffy

March 20, 2013 (version 5.1.0)

  • Added experimental support for external resource loading.
  • Added dynamic text support for Firefox and IE (other browsers were already supported).
  • Added support for AS3 exception handling and optional arguments.
  • Added support for loadMovie, loadMovieNum, loadVariables, loadVariablesNum, unloadMovie, unloadMovieNum, LoadVars, _lockroot, MovieClipLoader, XML and XMLNode (AS2).
  • Added support for QName, Namespace, Loader, LoaderInfo, Stage, Matrix, Point, Rectangle, Transform, ColorTransform, Vector3D, URLLoader and URLVariables (AS3).
  • Improved rendering of justified text.
  • Improved type coercion in AS3.
  • Improved the order of object initialization and construction.
  • Fixed the scope in which on() handlers are executed for nested buttons.
  • Fixed a problem with constants in AS3.

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Edge Animate 1.5が出たので生成ファイルを1.0.1と比較してみた。

つい先日ですが、Edge Animate 1.5がリリースされました。

自分は、無償でここまで使えるアドビのWeb制作ツール for デブサミ2013 – SSSSLIDEのスライドを眺めていて、あれ??1.5って書いてあるって思って調べたら気づいた次第。

開発ブログにも書いてありました。→Adobe Edge Animate 1.5 is here, bringing new design capabilities to the web « Adobe Edge Animate Team Blog

というわけで、最近使い込み始めているので、Edge Animate 1.0.1と1.5の生成ファイルを比較してみました。


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Edge Animateでドラクエ風バトルシーン(簡易)を作ってみる

Edge Animateの性能を見極めるため、ちょっと込み入ったものを作りたいと思い、ドラクエ風バトルシーン(簡易)を作ってみました。





  • スマートフォンでの動作を想定する
    • Android2.3
    • Android4.0以上
    • iPhone4以上(手持ちの実機ではiPodTouch iOS5.1想定)
  • Edgeでは複雑なインタラクティブの動作はせずクリックして進む方法をとる。
    • clickのみ
    • 簡易的な連打防御も入れる
  • 外部からデータシナリオは配列でもらう。Edgeは再生するだけとする。
    • いろいろなパターンは想定せず、流し込む1パターンのみ。
    • 既にシステムでバトル結果が出ていて、生死判定・勝敗判定については内部で演出するイメージ
  • 今回はユーザー勝利の想定で作る。
    • とはいえある程度はバトルをする。


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Google Swiffyがversion 5.0にアップデートされ、ついにActionScript3.0対応が追加

Google Swiffyが1ヶ月の小休止を経て、ついにversion 5.0にアップデートされました。

Google Swiffy

December 11, 2012 (version 5.0.0)

  • Added experimental support for ActionScript 3.0.
  • Added support for useHandCursor (AS2).
  • Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Improved rendering of newlines in dynamic text.
  • Fixed a problem that caused embedded fonts to affect other text on the page.
  • Fixed a problem with conditionals in SWF 4.

おや?ActionScript 3.0の文字があるような。では、早速訳してみます。

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