IntelliJ IDEAでNode.jsプラグインをインストールする話

IntelliJ IDEAでNode.jsプラグインをインストールする際のメモです。


※執筆時点はIntelliJ IDEA 12でご説明します。バージョンが違うことで挙動が違うかもしれませんので、ご注意下さい。

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this.test.bind( this );

function test(){
  // thisのスコープとして動く


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Google Swiffyがversion 5.3にアップデートされ、AS3ほか大量アップデート(リリースノート長い!)

Google Swiffyがversion 5.3になり、AS3ほか大量アップデートされました。

Google Swiffy


September 30, 2013 (version 5.3.0)

  • Added support for Add, Darken, Difference, Lighten, Multiply, Screen and Subtract blend modes.
  • Added support for AS2 drag and drop.
  • Added support for AS2 EditText.filters.
  • Added support for AS2 Object.hasOwnProperty.
  • Added support for AS2 ConvolutionFilter and GlowFilter.
  • Added support for AS2 flash.geom.Matrix, flash.geom.Point and flash.geom.Rectangle.
  • Added write support for AS2 Text variables which now respect changes to text or htmlText values.
  • Added support for TextField parameters in AS2 MovieClip.setMask.
  • Added support for AS3 Bitmap and BitmapData.
  • Added experimental support for AS3 ExternalInterface in directly embedded conversions.
  • Added support for AS3 Object.setPropertyIsEnumerable.
  • Added support for AS3 MouseEvents DOUBLE_CLICK, MOUSE_MOVE, MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT.
  • Added support for AS3 InteractiveObject.mouseEnabled and InteractiveObject.doubleClickEnabled.
  • Added support for AS3 DisplayObject.mouseChildren.
  • Added support for AS3 TextField.defaultTextFormat, TextField.embedFonts, TextField.getLineText, TextField.numLines, TextField.autoSize, TextField.wordWrap, TextField.multiline.
  • Added support for AS3 MovieClip.currentFrame, MovieClip.totalFrame and framesLoaded.
  • Added support for “@attribute” style string parameters in AS3 XML methods.
  • Added basic support for nested AS3 LoaderInfo objects with support for loader, loaderURL and url properties.
  • Added support for constructing AS3 EventDispatcher objects with a delegate.
  • Added support for AS2 and AS3 Array.sortOn.
  • Added support for reading display object filters in AS2 and AS3.
  • Added support for TextFormat letterSpacing, leading, rightMargin, leftMargin, underline and kerning in AS2, AS3 and tags.
  • Added support for indirect font names _sans, _serif and _typewriter.
  • Added support for paths with differing line end caps.
  • Added support for the PLACEOBJECT3 tag’s Visible and PlaceFlagHasCacheAsBitmap fields.
  • Added support for PLACEOBJECT tags directly referencing DEFINEBITS* tags.
  • Added support for the DEFINESCALINGGRID tag.
  • Added support for AVM2 CALLPROPLEX bytecode instruction.
  • Added stage.setBackground allowing the background color to be overriden on a conversion.
  • Improved filter rendering and AS2 scripting support.
  • Improved dynamic clipping paths in IE9.
  • Fixed handling of collisions between AS2 properties and display object variables.
  • Fixed execution of frame actions when jumping to positions past the final frame.
  • Fixed offsets values and inheritance of AS2 ColorMatrixFilter.
  • Fixed AS3 behavior when a derived class overrides only the getter or setter of a super class accessor.
  • Fixed invocation of AS3 methods via their interface name.
  • Fixed invocation of AS3 global functions when assigned to and called on another object.
  • Fixed AS3 init scripts to only run when first referenced, handle references between DOABC tags and correctly register global functions.
  • Fixed AS3 flash.utils.ByteArray subscript access to return unsigned values.
  • Fixed AS3 ENTER_FRAME to dispatch to all display objects with registered listeners, not just those added to the stage.
  • Fixed AS3 flash.util.Dictionary behavior when using keys with custom toString methods.
  • Fixed bounding box calculations for autosizing text fields.
  • Fixed hit zone calculations for static text including behavioral differences where Advanced Text Rendering is specified.
  • Fixed text alignment issues for SWF versions <= 7.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts present on very thin strokes in Chrome.
  • Fixed dark halos around indexed images with an alpha channel.
  • Fixed rendering of newlines in justified text.
  • Fixed dispatch of mouse events to elements appearing or disappearing under the mouse.
  • Fixed exception caused by gradients with no defined stops.
  • Fixed broken drop shadows in Firefox.
  • Fonts are now always rendered as shapes.


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Edge Animate CC(2.0)が出たので生成ファイルを1.5と比較してみた。

ついに、Edge Animate CC(2.0)がリリースされました。

Edge Animate CC – Coming in June is here! « Adobe Edge Animate Team Blog

Edge Animate 1.5とCCの生成ファイルを比較してみました。


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